Personality Psychology

Offered: Summer, 2021

Level: Undergraduate

My role: Co-instructor with Vinita Vader

This course was organized around three main questions. First, how do people differ? Second, what are the processes and mechanisms that underlie these differences? And third, what are the implications of these differences in people’s lives? In answering these questions, we considered both classic and contemporary approaches to personality.

The Dark Side of Personality

Offered: Spring, 2020; Fall, 2020

Level: Undergraduate

My role: Instructor

This course aimed to complement existing courses on personality by taking an in-depth look at a number of aversive personality traits. The first half of the course was spent exploring Machiavellianism, narcissism, psychopathy, and sadism. These traits were described in terms of their history, structure, measurement, and potential etiology. The second half of the course was dedicated to examining aversive personality traits with respect to personality disorders, criminality, the workplace, morality, and internet behaviours.

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Social Psychology

Offered: Summer, 2020

Level: Undergraduate

My role: Co-instructor with Sarah Dimakis

Social psychology is the scientific study of the way in which individuals’ thoughts, feelings, and behaviours are influenced by the real or imagined presence of others. This course covered topics such as social judgment, relationships, discrimination, persuasion, conformity, aggression, and cooperation.

Course Syllabus // Example Lecture

Data Analysis III: Multivariate Statistics

Offered: Spring, 2021; Spring, 2019

Level: Graduate

My role: Lab instructor (course instructor: Dr. Elliot Berkman)

The purpose of this course was to survey a number of multivariate statistical methods—those most popular among and useful to psychologists (e.g., linear mixed-effects modelling; factor analysis)—while emphasizing a conceptual understanding of their underlying structures. For this course, I led labs on how to conduct these analyses using R (see below for an example of a lab).

Example Lab: Tidying Data

Data Analysis I: Statistical Methods

Offered: Fall, 2019

Level: Graduate

My role: Developed and taught labs (course instructor: Dr. Sara Weston)

This course was the first in a 3-term sequence of graduate-level classes designed to provide a thorough grounding in statistical concepts, methods, and applications of relevance to psychological science and related sciences. Students were also taught the basics of the R language, including how to wrangle, visualize, summarize, and analyze data. For this course, I developed and taught labs (see below for an example).

Example Lab: Probability Distributions

Research Methods in Psychology

Offered: Fall, 2018

Level: Undergraduate

My role: Instructor

This course was focused on building students’ skills as producers of research. The course emphasized hands-on practice for developing the skills to conduct their own research and critically evaluate the research of others. Using existing datasets collected by researchers at the University of Oregon, each student developed hypotheses based on a review of the relevant literature; analyzed data to test those hypotheses; and wrote up the results in the form of two papers.

Course Syllabus // Example Slides

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